Real Ales

We really do enjoy our real ales at the Union Club, and are fortunate that, in having no brewery tie, we can choose almost any ale we want from around the UK. Our steward, Wayne, uses his great knowledge of the brewing industry to select a wide variety of cask ales, and we typically have four or five on at any one time. We like to try ales from the local micro-breweries such as Storm Brewing, Tatton Brewery, Red Willow etc, as well as those that are scattered across the UK. The real ale market has never been better, and you'll find a great, and constantly changing selection, here at the Union Club

What's even better is the price! Ales are £2.60 a pint with some at £2.70. You will not find better or cheaper beer in Alderley Edge, that is for sure!

Come and join us for a pint!

Fancy a Pint?



(Banks) Amber bitter 3.8


(Lymestone) Stone Faced 4.0

(wychwood) Hobgoblin 4.5



ales £2.80/£2.90




Wednesday 21 st Aug'